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April 20, 2011

The Short Secret Life of a Gaga Stan


When it came to the Gaga thing, I was beyond late.  I was aware of Love Game when it came out, but I wasn’t really interested in it or Poker Face until a friend set it to a fan video of Vin Diesel movies, and since I would watch the man eat phonebooks and listen to paint dry, I ended up liking the song purely for that reason.

But when Bad Romance came out I was like “Wow, dancy pop music that’s also a little dark and weird. I could dig this.”  Even Tarantino trying to remind me he existed in the video for Telephone couldn’t put a damper on me listening to the Fame Monster while working out or walking to work or farming battlegrounds back when you still needed tokens for gear and mounts.


Now it’s Weird Al versus Lady Gaga, and Gaga doesn’t stand a chance.  I was also pretty ready to give up on, thanks to the bland re-furbishing of “Express Yourself” that “Born this Way” was, complete with racial varnishing. 

Even stranger was how some fundamentalist Christian groups latched on it, erased all the references to human sexuality (but not the racial stuff!) and set it to drums and acoustic guitar for praise music.  I’m not totally surprised by this: both Gaga and evangelical Christians have a deep personal relationship with their saviour. It’s just that one is Gaga and one is Jesus.

But Weird Al. Be still my heart.  I have loved you since you came to Sudbury and made fun of it.

Don’t worry, the water only looks like this in the springtime.

I’ve always liked his style, except maybe when it ended up in an awkward discussion with one of my babysitting charges about what ‘gay’ meant. Polka grunge? Classic.  Harvey the Hamster? Still sing it to the hamsters in pet stores.  He’s right up there with Beakman for men with funny hair on tv during my impressionable years.

So to hear that he had to cut his vacation. with his daughter. on her birthday.  to record a song Gaga already had the lyrics to and presumably knows the melody of, just because she wanted to hear it just seems cruel. “Your song implies that I’m vain and self-centred? Even though you’ll donate the proceeds to Human Rights Foundations to negate the sting of parody a supposed human rights anthem? YOU JUST WAIT AND SEE HOW VAIN AND SELF-CENTERED GAGA CAN BE.”

Of course, this was all relayed by microphone to her agent, since there’s no computer in that egg.

See? Hardly any way to communicate at all.

You can listen to the song here.  You can donate to the Human Rights Campaign here.  EDIT: Excelsior! Gaga agrees to the parody.


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