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May 26, 2011

I’d like a sweet workstation and a mecha suit. oh, and cancel the order for the mecha suit


A few years ago, I went to see Iron Man 2 in theatres with some friends. I never saw the original Iron Man but I figured it would be a fun popcorn flick (which it was!)  But what really captivated my attention was Tony Stark’s workstation.


As a writer, I admit that ways to move and store ideas are always something I’m on the lookout for and if they’re 3D, all the better.  My first hope towards a Tony Stark-esque work life was the First Else, a now-defunct phone project that featured intuitive menus that would move features you used most to the top and cool-creepy features like alerts to let you know you had an active grocery list and you were passing by a grocery store.  I’m not surprised it didn’t make it – Emblaze mobile is a relative no-name in a pretty competitive field, but I would’ve loved to try the Else.

Fortunately, Adam King has my radial organizational needs on lock with the Daily Rind planning method.  I love pen and paper planners, so this is a big plus, as well as the fact that my work organizational tools are not compatible with my phone or home planner.  This allows me to smoosh everything together into one sheet a day and gives me at least one set routine: each day I sit down and plan the day to come, but gives me the flexibility of changing plans or adding things in.

The other tool in my repository that lets me move things around to my tastes is Literature and Latte’s Scrivener.  I LOVE THIS PROGRAM SO MUCH.  The outlining system lets me easily move scenes from place to place to give a narrative a smoother flow.  It’s got chapter word counts, and document word counts, and colour-coding.  There are so many doodads and features I know I haven’t found them all yet.  As of yet, there is no feature allowing me to virtually crumple something up and toss it but it’s coming. I CAN FEEL IT.

How do you organize your workstation and tasks? Do you like your methods? What would you change if you could?  Are you, like me, eagerly awaiting 3D interactive holograms?


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