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October 30, 2011

Free to a Good Home: Core Hound Puppy


That’s right! To celebrate my triumphant return from Blizzon 2011, I am giving one core hound puppy away to a lucky new forever home.

Which is to say, I’m giving away one of these bad boys:

Full goody bag list at Game Geex!

It’s a Vasco authenticator, and if you don’t have this in either key fob or mobile form on your smartphone, you don’t get an adorable minipet for free. But also, your account can be more vulnerable to hacking. WoW accounts are among some of the most valuable returns on hacking for gold-selling; don’t let your account become a statistic.  No excuses, this puppy’s free!

How to enter: leave a comment on this post between October 30th (that’s today!) and November 5th.  That’s all!  If you want to write a hilarious story about how aliens from outer space ate your authenticator, even better.  At the end of the contest, I’ll run all the comment entries through a random number generator and contact the winner to get shipping information.

I hear random number generators help prevent scenarios like this.


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