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December 5, 2011

Dragon Soul 4.3 – One Week On


As of tomorrow, it will be one week since 4.3 dropped, and what a hectic week it’s been.  Between racing to finish Nanowrimo (3000 words to go when the 30th rolled around; though that’s not even close to the dark-horse come-back one of the regional members made that day of 11k before midnight), getting my paladin tuned up for Firelands on Saturday night, and Darkmoon Faire dropping yesterday, it’s been one hell of a scramble.

It’s important that the tank looks and feels her best before stepping into Rag’s domain.

Of the major changes 4.3 introduced, transmogrification hit #1 for me, clocking in at about 12+ hours of running TBC content for gear (purple Judgment for my paladin, getting rep for my rogue’s Opportunist set), hitting up retro raids with my guild and farming up bizzaro items like Soul Essences for those hard to fill slots like gloves for my mage. For those of you who are driven to make as many sets as humanly possible, the addon MogIt is an invaluable resource. (Thanks to Cynwise for this tip!)

My mage changes clothes like she’s on America’s Next Top Mage, anyway.

There were also the new heroics to step into! And while the allure of i378 gear is strong, go in with a guild group if you can, take your time and see the sights, especially in the new Well of Eternity instance, which is one of our first (and possibly only) looks into old Kaldorei culture.  It’s also a great place to brush up on your Malfurion hate Tyrande accent occasional reminders that Illidan was a pretty cool guy, aside from that chugging demon juice stuff.  And of course the loot is excellent – nearly every caster in our guild is currently rocking a Foul Gift of the Demon Lord.

Darkmoon Faire opened yesterday, and it’s just as fun as it was on the PTR.  Just in case it wasn’t totally obvious, while I love raiding and dungeons, the flavour type events like transmog, archaeology and DMF have always been at the heart and soul of my WoW experiences.

I mean, it’s right there on my title.


Games! Easy profession experience for alts!  More new pets and mounts you can shake a Corn-Breaded Sausage at.  Reports on getting a Sea Pony have been particularly favourable towards 100 or fewer casts, so grab a pole and dip into the waters; the other fish are the same as from low-level fishing areas, so no need to be scared off. And of course, if you come across a Shipwreck Debris pool, you can’t catch garbage from pools! (But you might catch a Sea Turtle.)

Most of the games and items are detailed excellently in Apple Cider Mage’s guide to the Faire here, so I won’t rehash covered territory, but be sure to pick up your Adventurer’s Guide while you are there, because you don’t want to miss out on the extra tickets turning in artifacts can bring you.  At the moment, ‘appropriately leveled’ seems to be unclear; I was getting artifact quest items from dungeons as low as Blackrock Depths, but grisly trophies would only drop from green monsters and up.  But that includes monsters in high-level Wrath dungeons if you’re running those for gear, so be sure to have it on you at all times! (With Void Storage now live, no excuses for bag space being at a premium.)

The best part about 4.3, no doubt in conjunction with the goodies promised for annual passes, is that our guild roster is packed with people all day and night.  The end of each major patch brings fatigue and new ones bring out old friends again, and that’s been the best part.  Well, that and the pretty new gear.

Have you been enjoying 4.3? What’s your favourite parts so far?


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