c.e. taillefer

March 31, 2012

Help I’m Alive


The camera pans over a serene cemetery, disturbed only by the occasional swaying of the willow fronds.  Many beautiful marble headstones catch your eye – here an angel, draped in mourning cloth, there an obelisk arrayed with flowers – your eye keeps returning to a run-down old stone, half buried by weeds.  You draw nearer, a force you cannot name pulling you closer.  Who is this person?  Crouching down, you reach out to pull away some of the obscuring greenery.

A hand shoots out of the grave to snatch your wrist.

I’m alive!  One part of my life has grown a little too big for its britches, and so it’s been sucking the life out of nearly everything else – blogging is obviously at a Paucity is so slow I am probably going backwards at this point. Well, no more, fun sucker! I am going to snatch at what I may and damn the consequences!

Besides, with all the new Mists information coming out – good and bad! – it’s a great time to be a WoW blogger.  Yours truly will be in the beta this weekend, sniffing around for fun tidbits to share.  I’ve also got a lot on my mind lately with regards to writing, and of course, the state of the world, particularly a growing anti-feminist backlash happening among nerd communities.

It’s good to be back! Aside from, you know, the decaying flesh and shit.


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