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March 20, 2013

Lei Shen’s Supermarket Sweep – Patch 5.2


There are a thousand and one changes to WoW’s Mists of Pandaria expansion that were introduced in patch 5.2 and I spent quite some time doing isle of Thunder dailies killing dinos wracking my brain to come up with a good post, when all along the answer has been staring me in the face: the Troves of the Thunder King and the introduction of solo scenarios.

You access Lei Shen’s trove of ill-gotten goods by finding a key on the Isle of Thunder in a handful of different ways: you can loot it from one of the island’s rare mobs (but only one per week, this way), you can loot it out of a Trove of the Thunder King (but only once per week), or you can find it in your satchel of arcane crap at the end of your dailies (purportedly unlimited times, but a very rare drop nonetheless).  They also have a chance to drop from any ol’ mob on the island, again, at a very low drop rate.

As you complete the Island’s progression, your reputation with the Kirin Tor or the Sunreavers unlocks powerful items you can use within the scenario to your advantage: slow-fall potions, sleep powder, or best of all, keys to unlock the doors without using the levers located within the scenario.  They cost Elder Charms, but if all goes well in the scenario, you will have Elder Charms in profusion anyway.

There are two ways to complete the scenario: one is to find a good guide to the instance, such as the Icy Veins one below, kill the end boss and loot his fantastic treasure before talking to Tenwu and porting the heck out of there to gather even more fabulous loot in the final room.

Your other choice is to go full vintage American gameshow style and loot as many of the treasure chests you can find before your five minutes are up.

(Bouffant hair required, talk to your nearest night elf faction leader!)

If this is your first few times running the instance, I highly recommend the second strategy. The Icy Veins video is great, but the creator noted they had plenty of practice on the PTR perfecting their run, and that keys were fairly easy to get there.  Looting the chests while learning to move easily through the traps will net you plenty of charms and gold, and when you’ve unlocked some of the more powerful Kirin Tor items, you’ll save a lot of time on your runs.

The main item you’re searching for in Lei Shen’s All-American Loot Rush is a Burial Trove Key, and the reason why many people recommend getting to the end of the instance as fast as possible. God-hulk Gulkan drops one of these, and the chests he protects also drop them. Reaching Tenwu will net you another. This is great if you have the ability to kill the mobs you can’t avoid quickly and easily, and still take down God-Hulk before your time runs out.  Without some practice, this is not easy to do, and you run the risk of completing the instance without anything to show for it. Even with practice, some healers and tanks will find the timing too tight to execute properly. But those Burial Trove keys are essential for getting a chance at the 502 epics and Kirin Tor rep items!

Enter Golden Treasure Chest.

Most of the chests scattered throughout the instance are the red and white “basic” models. But the golden treasure chests are identical to the one God-Hulk carries on his back! Meaning – a better chance at Burial Trove keys and tattered documents. They also have a chance to spawn a treasure-goblin’esque saurok you have to snare and kill.

Take a look at this video. There’s a nice little ledge all around the room that not only keeps you out of the path of nasty traps, but lets you loot a ton of chests at your leisure. Either loot as many as you like and beeline for Tenwu, or just loot until Tao-Shi automagically ports you out.

Whichever way you choose to complete  Lei Shen’s Dragon Hoard, have fun, and don’t forget the three Big Sweep rules:

Have fun storming the castle! (Also if you’re running the new Throne of Thunder LFR, check out the layout of Lei Shen’s Loot-o-Rama in the trash pack area between Horrdion and the Council!)


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