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August 26, 2013

Let’s Do Deluxe Disney Dining: Part Two


Part one is here!

Nevermind the preamble, where’s the FOOD?

Breakfast the next day was at Akershus in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. We’ve been going here since our first trip for our honeymoon because it was cheaper than Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Belle (my fave!) is the princess you meet at the entryway.  It’s rare to see Cinderella not at her restaurant, but we met her here, along with Ariel and Aurora again. Not sure if there was a fourth princess, because I don’t remember Jasmine here.  Oh well!  Standout food here is the cheesy potatoes. Best dang breakfast potatoes (though Boma will come close.)

Lunch is on the other side of the World Showcase at the Rose and Crown. I hate to say it, but this one was purely a filler choice.  Because ‘Ohana and Be Our Guest are only single credit meals, we were “stuck” with a few lunch credits to spend.  That said, Kona was another filler choice, and it was pretty good, food wise! How will the Rose and Crown fare?

Well, it’s not looking good because I have no idea what I ordered as an appetizer. Soup? Cheese? Chris had the cheese plate, the english breakfast burger and the yogurt for dessert. I had the cottage pie and the yogurt also:

welsh dragon

Whoa, wait a minute! That’s not food at all!  Unfortunately, it seems the only item I cared enough about at our Rose and Crown lunch was the Welsh dragon: creme de menthe, peach schnapps, and midori topped with orange and pineapple juices. Our server was from Wales and she was pretty exciting (they keep a tally in the back over which drink is winning – apparently it’s Ireland!) and even gave up some cute little Ariel/Buzz lightyear glow clips to them.  She was very good, and offered to wash out the souvenir cups and bag them so we could carry them home.

Overall it was a nice place to spend an hour out of the heat, but poor R&C was definitely a filler.

Dinner that night was at Artist Point in the Wilderness Lodge.  When we were seated, our host pointed out that this resort was designed by the same architect that did Animal Kingdom Lodge, hence why the lobbies feel so familiar.  Artist Point is tucked way in the back, and has massive windows looking outside, which is pretty gorgeous when there’s a huge storm brewing.

We both had the signature portobello mushroom soup to start, and Chris had the filet mignon, blue with the creme brulee for dessert (I’m gonna assume.)  I had the signature salmon for my entree, and the baked alaska for dessert:

portobello soup artist pointartist point salmon and short rib strudel

Let me tell you two things: first of all, take a close look at that salmon entree, because it’s gonna be relevant when I review Monsieur Paul.  Second of all, I could not find a picture of the baked alaska and now I’m kicking myself for missing it.  Anyway!

The smoky portobello soup was exactly as advertised. Smooth, smoky, creamy, bits of dried and fresh mushrooms and fresh croutons.  It was also drizzled with a small bit of chive oil. Perfect. Everyone who raves about the Le Cellier soup should be made to at least try this one first.

The salmon was plated table side from the cedar it was grilled on, which I thought was a nice touch.  I love fish and this was excellent – just you and the salmon and a tiny bit of cauliflower.  It was nice and rare in the centre. Chris said his steak was probably the most perfectly blue steak anyone’s done for him, so high praise there!

Before I ordered the baked alaska, the server warned me the elements are all there, but it’s a little different than the usual. What I got was a tall, semi-frozen stack of bitter chocolate mousse, topped (not covered entirely) with a thin layer of browned meringue.  The plate garnishes were drizzles of creme anglaise and gourmet (I’m guessing Luxardo?) cherries.  OH MY GOD. THE CHERRIES.  I made Chris try one of my precious three, just because you have to experience a cherry like this at least once.  I’m kicking myself for not ordering at least one of the drinks on the menu made with these.  Even with how full I was, this dessert was all around amazing – great combination of fluffy and sweet, and bitter and cool.

Gather round because the next day is a tragic tale of woe (not really!)

When planning the trip, we realized we’d be staying at a deluxe resort for the first time EVER and we would probably want a quiet day to explore the place. So we booked Boma and Sanaa for the day, and had a late dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Dining Room in downtown Disney to do some shopping.

Boma was great, if only because we could roll out of bed at 7:45, strap on some comfy shorts and be at the restaurant in three minutes flat.  But, the food was good too!  Check out these beauties:

boma eggs (goat cheese)

Aw yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. I love my eggs a little soft, and that’s hard to get on a buffet.  But these goat cheese and chive eggs were perfect, nice and gooey.  There were also some great homefries that were spiced with something similar to the flavouring curly fries get!

Normally for breakfast buffets I do two trips: one for eggs, potatoes, bacon, oatmeal or biscuits, etc. and then the second for the sweet stuff: waffles or pancakes and some fruit or yogurt.  Boma (and many Disney buffets actually) wasn’t satisfied with that, so in addition to waffles and pancakes, there were blueberry pancakes. homemade strawberry banana yogurt. a whole array of fresh fruit. sticky buns. and bread pudding with praline sauce.


Bread pudding struck again.

I am very good about moderation. Bread pudding, however, takes that moderation, cuts it into fluffy pieces and pours hot, buttered caramel all over it.

I have no fucking clue what we did after eating at Boma.  Went back to the hotel room and propped up my DS on my food baby, probably, to play Animal Crossing.

Sanaa: We were excited about going to Sanaa. On our last trip, we’d walked around Kidani Village with our friends, and it is beautiful. Possibly even more so than Jambo House (shhh Jambo House, i love you too baby). Sanaa looks onto the Kidani savannah, which had zebras and giraffes!

We met our server, who brought out the chef very promptly for us to meet. She was sooo nice. She joked with us about how she only gets invited to staff events if she promises to bring butter chicken.  Sanaa has a great system in place for allergies – they have different menus!  So I got the standard menu, and Chris got one approved for people with shellfish allergies.  This is a great concept, and I hope other restaurants start using it there.

Chris ordered the lamb kefta sliders (which could’ve been a meal on its own), the curry sampler with butter chicken and short ribs, and the chocolate mousse. I got the salad sampler, with the chickpea salad, the mango salad and the kachumbari. For an entree, I got the butter chicken and the sustainable fish in goan curry (it was mahi mahi iirc). Dessert was the dessert sampler.  A trio of trios!

sanaa salad sanaa curry and butter chicken sanaa dessert

Our server was Hachem, and he was the second person we submitted to Guest Relations for an applause-o-gram. (We haven’t talked about the first yet, because she was our check-in person when we arrived.) He started us off with complimentary glasses of champagne.  Secondly: see the salad sampler picture? That’s pretty much mine except I got the kachumbari instead of the watermelon salad.  WELL, that didn’t sit right with Hachem, so he brought me some watermelon salad too.  So much for a light starter:

sanaa watermelon salad

They were all delicious, but I think the chickpea one was my favourite. Shocking to Chris because I don’t really like unmashed chickpeas, and shocking to me because it had cilantro! But it actually worked here, and it was in fairly small doses, as opposed to where I normally find it (in salsa.)

The butter chicken was every bit as good as the chef said. Rich, creamy, a little heat.  I’ve heard you can request them to turn up the heat on any curry dish, but I went with everything as is for the first time around.  The goan curry was delicious too, and the fish held up surprisingly well – the chef did mention fish curry is a fun challenge to get something that is tender, but doesn’t fall apart when stewing.

At some point in our meal (I’m pouring the curry sauces onto the rice, and pushing the meat around because I’m getting really full), our server disappears? I guess! I didn’t really notice him being gone for all that long but he shows up with free coffee as an apology.  Oh! I remember, he had delivered our dessert but forgot spoons.  He was soooo upset, but I tried telling him that if we were really freaking out, one of us could’ve gotten up and requested spoons from any of the staff around us. It was no biggie.

“Well, okay. But you still can order a drink!” he reminds us.  “Uh… can we get mango lassis to go?”

Dessert was great, but I barely touched the carrot cake. It was just too much solid food. The chai cream was probably my favourite.  The plate was decorated with that sparkly gel sauce again, and some airbrushed green chocolate, which seemed really cool.

I would go back anytime, and not just because the service was outstanding. The food was excellent and the restaurant is beautiful.  With a little tweaking I could easily see Sanaa becoming a signature.

HOWEVER. We had a problem. We’re standing around Kidani Villages kind of huffing and half-heartedly sipping our lassis, and I tell Chris: “I’m gonna cancel Wolfgang Puck.” It’ll leave us with 4 extra dining credits, since WGP was a signature option, but I’d rather waste money than die of Too Much Eat.  We weren’t cut out for this kind of lifestyle.

Luckily for us, there is no cancellation deposit for the place, which was good (though I would’ve paid it!) and since our flight doesn’t leave until mid-afternoon on the Friday, we decide we’ll book another breakfast at Boma before heading home.  That handles 2 credits but we still have two more.

Coming up in Part 3: Wild Africa Trek luncheon, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Monsieur Paul and Be our Guest!


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