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As a writer, I’ve never found anything more daunting than a blank page, waiting to be filled. Of all the blank pages I’ve ever stared down, the one that paralyses more than anything else is the biography. It’s one thing to write a hook when your topic is gripping, infuriating or fun; it’s another thing entirely to think up a hook when the topic is yourself (and you’re your own worst critic!)

I’m a writer – even when there are days when I don’t put anything on paper, there’s always the background rumble of the story factory churning out ideas, scrapping them, adding to them and polishing them.

I’m a media lover and fighter. Growing up on the outer edge of the techno-revolution, or whatever new and exciting buzzword they come up with every few months, I spent a lot of my formative years online, for good or ill.  I love all the different ways to snap your fingers online and get what you need.  Twitter hashtags that let you triangulate a news story and and get more personal and on-the-ground info you ever got from mainstream media. The ability to create a blog from scratch, even if you don’t know how. Collectivism! Connecting with people who share your thoughts and ideals, even if you are countries apart.

My experiences with video games, social media, comics and tv have also given me a window into the minds of terrible people, who think and say and do terrible things.  The difference between a tv news story and experiencing the hate humans can hold for other humans online is akin to the way Richard Adams describes the storytelling differences between rabbits and humans – humans hear the story, but the rabbits live it.  Is it any wonder that storytelling is one of the most prized traits in a rabbit?

I’ve always been a feminist from a young age, but the internet has kept up the fire in my heart for it long after it may have otherwise died down. I can’t do the things I love, or talk about the things I care about, without the disdain and fear and hatred of others exposed and in my face, so I fight it, as much as I can.

This blog is another expression of these things that I am: raised within the internet, feminist, writer, fighter.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiries for a guest post on your blog, or work collaboratively on a project. My email inbox is always open!


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