céline taillefer


digital games

image featuring text from "i'm you but weaker"

i’m you but weaker – interactive story about abuse and the system. Made in Twine.

image of voxel game scene

11:59 PM – a game-poem about nuclear destruction for #ResistJam. Made in Voxatron.

screenshot of a match-3 game

Switches’ Brew – match-3 game for Wholesome Games discord jam (theme: witchy drinks). Made in Unity.

screenshot from game "the thousand day queen"

The Thousand Day Queen – point and click adventure about the death of Anne Boleyn. Made in RPG Maker MV.

analogue games

amuze unlocked: Art Escape Room: designer, responsible for narrative design and puzzle prototyping, Fall 2018.

burger logo that says burger maestro

Burger Maestro – tabletop RPG one-shot about running a rogue fast-food franchise. Made for DMG Stationary Stationery Jam.

anarkiva excerpt with image of owls and cats reading a book

Anarkiva – tabletop RPG supplement written for Crit DMG Zine #1. An oral storytelling game exploring knowledge preservation and transmission.