céline taillefer


original fiction

Paucity – Opening scene of original portal fantasy novel, with dystopian elements. A conscripted water miner in an arid desert in the former Canadian Rockies finds herself transported to a land overflowing with water and magic.

Talitha Cumi – Prologue of a historical fantasy novel. A long lived vampire reflects on his time in 1st century Galilee, where he finds himself entangled in the life of an itinerant rabbi and his followers.

scripts and game writing

Confronting the Mob– Cinematic script for unreleased solo project. Player character, Prudence, confronts a mob of townsfolk on their prejudices against her, and against her charge, a skeleton boy brought to life by unknown forces.

Character Profile: Hal MalloretCharacter profile sheet for unreleased solo project. Character is an ally NPC, whose presence and ‘death’ at the hands of the townsfolk precipitates the main quest and story.

Character Profile: Hera – Speculative character profile sheet for Hades. Hera is the ruthless queen of Olympus, patron goddess of women, family and childbirth. She is very curious about the hotfoot who inherited her bow… Available upon request.

Stowaways and Sky Pirates” – Dialogue spreadsheet for unreleased game jam project, about a stowaway on a flying pirate ship. Players assist the captain and his crew in hopes of finding a place for themselves aboard the ship.

Framed in the Past” – Materials written for escape room, designed to teach local history.

“Skyseed” – Speculative script for Overwatch 2 map release, in the style of “The Plan”. An Overwatch team investigates a garden paradise in near-Earth orbit that they suspect is compromised by Talon. Available upon request.

academic writing

“Are you sure life isn’t a game?” Narrative and Gameplay in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch (2016) – The paper explores Overwatch‘s popularity in fandom via cross-media narratives. Available upon request.

It’s Only a Game, Why Do You Have To Be Mad? Combatting Dark Participation in Overwatch (2021) – The paper is a preliminary analysis of the social and mechanical difficulties in resolving toxic behaviours in Overwatch. This topic is currently the basis of a 2021-2022 research project on design solutions to the issue. Available upon request.

Mitigating Toxic Behaviour in Overwatch (2022) – Winner of Best Video in ACERS 2022. The video, structured for a lay audience, explores an enhanced tutorial system for Overwatch, intended to reduce barriers for new and returning players to the game.

fan fiction

In the BloodFinalist, Blizzard Global Writing Contest, 2010. Short story set in the Warcraft Universe. Blood Queen Lana’thel struggles with the choices that have led her to a bitter end. Full story available upon request.

Haven of the Waveless SeaHonorable Mention, Blizzard Global Writing Contest, 2011. Short story set in the Warcraft Universe. The legacy of the Qiraji War weighs heavily on the living Staghelm elves, who desire only a peaceful life, until the Burning Legion forces their hand. Full story available upon request.

Last Call – Short story set in the Overwatch universe, based off the “Reflections” comic. How did Sombra find herself in a bar with a dead-drunk Cole Cassidy on Christmas Eve? And here comes Aleksandra Zaryanova to make a bad night worse… Full story available upon request.